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h4. Timeline of the Creation of Krin

h2. 0th Age: The Beginning 100,000 Years Approx. Refuted by Scholars
In the beginning there was only positive and negative energies.
Niphasha and Bashimiel rise from the opposing energies of positive and negative. They create the sun, Cythos, and the moon, Cresces. Bashimiel creates and is sent to the rift. Bashimiel creates Xaklusha, the shadow lady. Niphasha creates Aeter, the day sky. Tarir is created from Bashimiel’s fall, and the Etanum is free of evil. Birth of many of the major and minor gods. Krin and the celestial bodies around it are created.
1st Age: Era of Flames (1), Year 1
Post-Creation. Rise of the Olufe (elves) who begin the footholds of civilization and tribes. Aeter creates the dragongods. Krohs, the second lieutenant of Bashimiel, commands the demon army of the Rift to march onto the Etanum for revenge. Corrupts some elves as the gods in the Etanum create life on the earth of Krin. Krohs kills many Olufe but is routed when he is defeated by the golden dragon, Intariss, created in the beginning. Intariss dies at the Battle of the Hill Path with Krohs and his armies, with her life blood creating the Eight True Dragons, and her life force creating the rest of life on Krin. The continents are torn asunder, splitting the elves into distinct tribes and various races are also split.
1st Age: Era of Reconstruction (2), Year 1201 end
Rebuilding of Krin by the Olufe and various races. Creation of the Path Gate to prevent anyone from entering the Etanum, Creation of the 8 Keys to open the Path Gate to Heaven which are representative of the eight emerging elements. First Henosy occurs where the two ancients, Balance and Arbitration, disperse much of the positive and negative energy into all gods, creating many elements of the world.
2nd Age: Era of Mortality (1), Year 1
Rise of civilization agmonst the mortals. Farming, forging of metal, and spread of life are key to this age. Mortals rule the day. Bashimiel creates the Keys of Bashimiel, a carbon copy of the 8 Path Gate Keys. The Keys of Bashimiel are imbued with the powers of the 8 sins that would lead one to ruination. Bashimiel prepares his army.
The Lost Era 6000 Years Approx. Refuted by Scholars
Lost history during this time, for an unknown reason, possibly due to space time fluxuations or the various religious crusades and purges that occur within many libraries. Dispersal of new beings and gods occurs here. It is assumed that many kingdoms rose and fell during this period, and the kingdoms of Duridgia, Netharia, and the dwarven kingdoms are forged here.
2nd Age: Broken Era (2) Year 199
Bashimiel himself comes to Tarir to cause havoc to its world and reach the gates of heaven. Krohs is left as commander and betrays Bashimiel, creating a Rift Gate and gives his three generals the Rift Gate Keys. He kills many and enslave many more in his path. The dark elves who worshipped Krohs refused servitude of Bashimiel and were cast to the ground. Gates of Path sundered along with keys to prevent Bashimiel from crossing to Etanum. The Gates are spread to Krin and the keys materialize as the Armaments of Etanum in Krin. Bashimiel defeated by a human man who is a commander of the Eight Armies at the Battle of the Temple of Ascendence. The man disappears, and many consider him ascended into the form of Zagatur, a god amongst men for almost killing another god. The demons and Bashimiel are driven back. The man is imbued with power by Araleer even though he is in Etanum. Many religious orders stemming from the Lost Era are supposedly re-established and new ones spring out. Bashimiel takes the form of a cat to survive on Tarir. Gifts his powers to a human female who becomes Sabi’ Jamen.
2nd Age: Second Unification Era (3) 688 end
Krohs is weakened in Hamos and banishes his three generals out of fear of usurpment. They take the Rift Keys along with them. Sabi’ Jamen searches for a way back to the Rift. Second Henosy occurs, where the ancients, Balance and Arbitration, give up their life forces and disperse almost the entirety of the positive and negative energies. The power of the elements are cemented and the gods become stronger, except for Krohs, who isn’t the true heir to the Rift.
3rd Age: Wax Era (1) Year 1
Sabi’ Jamen teaches the Netharian empire of the ways of the wax runes with the creation of a Runespell Dagger. The Wax Wars begin when the Netharian Empire uses its wax spells to destroy magically fortified walls of other kingdoms in a bid to rule the world. A civil war emerges on the land of Netharia, with the newly formed Purductonian Empire, a collection of kingdoms against their northern cousin’s takeover. Much of the world participates in the war and alliances are shifted. The war affects the east the most, turning it almost into a barren desert. The invention of powerful magic and guns occurs world wide as the Purductonian Empire passes its knowledge to its allies. The continent of Astranta sinks, becoming the lost Sunken Continent, and many other lands are scarred and nearly destroyed by the Wax Wars.
3rd Age: Lost Reconstruction Era (2) Year 120 end
Many wax magics are lost and banned in many places. The 120 year long Wax Wars ends and culminates into a draw. Though many alliances are rebuilt, many nations are still fighting as a result of the war. Much reconstruction of empires and kingdoms occur.
The colonization of many isles and once desolated lands like the deserts of Kardra occur.
4th Age: Current Era (1) Year 1
Resurgence of wax magic and runespell daggers, search for the Hounds and the Key Fragments

In the Year 55 of the 4th Age, the eastern continent of Kardra has many prosperous kingdoms. Though it is a harash place and filled with sand dunes, many oasises and rivers allow for life to sustain itself. The land was said to have been a jungle filled with life in the 1st Age but Bashimiel swept through this land his journey to the western Temple of Ascendence, destroying its natural beauty. This was worsened when the wax wars destroyed the ancient Nekrit and Sepor kingdoms during the 3rd Age.

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